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Serato DJ new DJ controller sortware replaces Serato Itch

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updated: 10/23/2012

This isn't for playing Halo
13” Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz Intel Core Duo, 4GB Ram, video Nvidia GeForce 320M (mid 2010 model).
Software & hardware:
Serato DJ version 1.0 (when released) and the Numark NS6

The coming of Serato DJ
Serato DJ will finally allow you to use a Serato based software on pretty much any DJ Controller you choose. The release is set for November, coinciding with its first built for DJ Controller, the Pioneer DDJ SX.

Itch based DJ controller owners will receive a free upgrade to Serato DJ but will have wait until the spring of 2013 – as per the Serato website.

Serato is promising plug and play with supported DJ controllers, and based on their history we expect this to be true. Or will it be like Traktor Pro 2 which is sometimes plug, tweak and pray.

New FX in the House
What many look forward to hearing are the all new FX (effects). Serato has gone out-of-house and has turned to iZotope for the effects in Serato DJ. Effects in Serato have always been reliable, but lame. Hopefully iZotope will offer the same reliability, but with much more wow.

Midi Midi on the wall, who’s the midiest of them all
Serato itch did not allow for midi mapping; a huge request by users. Now with Serato DJ you will be able to midi map to a secondary midi controller. Yes we agree, about freaking time. If it’s anything close to what you can do with Serato Scratch live, then this is going to be awesome.

Serat DJ Intro users get stuck up for $199
For Serato DJ Intro users, an upgrade option to Serato DJ will be $199 U.S. dollars. Before you say WTF we’ll say it for you, WTF. Does Serato expect those who purchased entry level low priced controllers to cough up another $199 to upgrade the Serato DJ Intro software? Good luck on that one. Our prediction, there will probably be an upgrade price drop within six months to a year.

No more free cheese
Forget about free major updates, not going to happen. Serato DJ is not free. Yes you will receive minor updates and bug fixes for free but like the other boys in the market you’ll be paying for major updates. It is what it is, get over it.

Starting off on the wrong bpm
Okay, so the Pioneer DDJ-SX will be available with Serato DJ sometime in November. Now here's the kickrer, Serato is going to make DJs, who already have itch based DJ Controllers, wait until sometime on or after the first day of spring (March 20, 2013) for Serato DJ? Seems like a funny way of thanking DJs who purchased itch based controllers, don’t you think?

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Two deck view that works
Serato itch users have been begging for a clean efficient two deck layout. They will finally receive it with their free upgrade to Serato DJ. Here is a look at the vertical two deck layout for the Numark NS6.
Serato DJ 2 deck view two ns6 imixmag

The first controller built for Serato DJ - Pioneer DDJ SX
Serato DJ pioneer ddj sx imixmag

Would you sell your Numark NS6 (pictured below) for a Pioneer DDJ SX?
numark ns6 versus pioneer ddj sx imixmag

Look at the two DJ Controllers. One of the biggest differences between the two are the way the decks and the controls which manage them are laid out. The Pioneer has them laid out as if two CDJ decks where placed between a mixer. The Numark NS6 decks are mirror images of themselves.