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DJs of the World imixmag bronx new york ny

This Boogie Down Bronx DJ does it all: radio, club, and mobile. The same can be said about his music: Hip Hop, R&B, Old School, Reggae, House, and Top 40.

With over sixteen years at the trade he has played at venues such as: The Palladium, Bar 13, The Katwalk, and the legendary Nells; just to name a few.

Currently he is part of the Scratch Academy DJs and is also part of the Warrior DJs Movement, started by Wylcef Jean.

You can hear him every Saturday on his Mixshow; every Saturday on 4-6pm est.

Laptop: Dell 1520 Windows XP
Sortware:Serato Scratch Live SL1
Players: Technics 1200
Mixer: Numark M2
Speakers: Mackie 408 Precision
Amps: QSC GX5

Here's a link to his myspace site.
DJs of the World imixmag
DJs of the World london imixmag

Much more than just a pretty face; Michelle (originally from California and now in London) is a singer, songwriter, DJ, dancer, and has a Law degree to-boot.

As a singer Michelle has a couple of hits to her credit: "Start The Party", "Into You", "Slow Me Down", and "Enough".

As a DJ she has built a popularity which has led her to a number of residencies as well as her own radio show on Dance Music Radio, a weekly show where she presents and mixes the hottest new music. Her range of music is open and includes everything from Urban to Baseline, with everything in-between.

Michelle’s singing career continues to grow; later this year she will release a single titled “Shining Light” on the Axis Trax label.

Check out Michelle's Homepage
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DJs of the World imixmag
DJs of the World imixmag Los Angeles CA

Hailing from Los Angeles California, Lee has done nightclubs for over ten years and started his own DJ Company as an alternative for clients having a wedding or corporate event; but not wanting a cheesy DJ. Still does cool events like Oscars & Emmy parties.

Windows (Sony Vaio) with Serato
Players: Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3, Technics 1212 MK3
Mixers: Pioneer 800, Rane 57
Speakers : JBL Eon 515s , JBL Eon 510, JBL Eon 518 Sub
DJs of the World imixmag
DJs of the World imixmag New York City

Johnnie has been doing his thing for over twenty years and loves the digital age - no more heavy vinyl crates. He’s a mobile DJ who still rocks various club spots.

Laptop: Acer Extensa 4620 Dual Core Windows XP
Sortware: Serato Scratch Live & VDJ 6.1
Players: Gemini CDJ 600
Mixer: Numark DM-1050
imixmag djs of the world

This page is dedicated to all DJs around the world.

It doesn’t matter if you DJ at a club, lounge, bar, mobile, or at home. If you're a DJ email us your photo and it will be posted on this page.

Include the following in your email:
(1) A photo - DJ style photo, with equipment or DJ type pose
(2) Your DJ Name
(3) Where You Live (Country, City, State, province, etc)
(4) If you want, list your DJ equipment, type of music, you play, and a little something about yourself.

Email photos and information to
imixmag djs of the world
DJs of the World imixmag New York City

Rico is a DJ, Remixer, and Producer. He prides himself as being able to morph himself into all styles of music. With many years and various styles of music under his belt (Hip Hop, Freestyle, House, Booty music, etc…) it allows him to think out of the box and be more creative.

Laptop: Both Mac & Windows
Sortware: Serato Scratch Live
Players: Technics SL-1200, Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3
Mixer: To many to mention and what's in the club
DJs of the World imixmag
DJs of the World imixmag Fredericksburg VA Northern Virginia

This mobile Scratch DJ mainly plays at clubs and bars in the Northern Virginia area. His specialty is Hip Hop, a touch of pop, and Mashups.

HP Pavilion Laptop / Windows 7
Sortware:M-Audio Torq software w/ Conectiv
Players; Stanton c.324 CD &Vestax CDX-05 CD turntables
Mixer; Gemini PDM-02
Speakers: Yamaha Club Series
Amps: Crown XLS602
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djs of the world DJ Indian Fury Staten Island New York

DJ Indian Fury is a mobile DJ in the New York City tri state area who has been at it for thirteen years. He prides himself as being a DJ who can adapt to any crowd and can play it all. His thoughts on DJing and Life, "If you are not learning every day then you need to change your line of work.”

His gear:
Denon DN-S5000 CDJ decks, Denon HC-4500 midi controller, Denon DN-X500 mixer, Yorkville powered NX50 speakers, and Serato Sratch Live on a 15” Macbook Pro.
DJs of the World imixmag

DJs of the World imixmag
DJs of the World imixmag italy DJ

His album “Giuseppe Sessini, Verso Oriente” quickly grabbed our attention. One of the tracks, Cartapesta, hit # 12 in our October 2010 Dance chart. He is inspired by the Maestro Gigi D'Agostino and his 2010 album “Verso Oriente” is a result of a passion which started in 2004.

His music is available on itunes and you can find some of his very interesting remixes on his Myspace and YouTube page.
DJs of the World imixmag
imixmag DJs of the workd denmark DJ Mix

While searching through YouTube we found a video from DJ M!X from Denmark who has a YouTube page of himself rocking some hot mixes with a Pioneer DDJ ERGO, all this while wearing a customized Saw mask. Intrigued by his creativity we continued to follow and named him the imixmag choice for most creative YouTube DJ of 2011.
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