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DJ EXPO 2012 review video winners imixmag

Photos, videos and more content to be added soon including - the DJ EXPO House of Blues event and our choice for best DJ at the 2012 DJ EXPO. Like us in Facebook .

The DJ EXPO experience
Every moment in life is unique, every person like you is unique, and every DJ EXPO event is unique. You see nothing at the DJ EXPO is the same as the previous year; the equipment, music and attendees are different. This is what makes going to the DJ EXPO such an amazing experience.

How do rumors get started
You will hear different things said about the DJ EXPO. Some will say it was a wonderful experience in which they learned a lot, while others will say it was no big deal. It is difficult to understand how some donít enjoy or leave the DJ EXPO unmotivated or unfulfilled; like everything else in life itís what you make of it, how you incorporate the knowledge given to you, and how you take advantage of the opportunities before you.

The gathering
Thereís something about being around a plethora of DJ equipment and fellow DJs that does something for the soul. For many, going to the DJ EXPO is an inspirational experience. It reenergizers their drive and desire to be the best they can be.

Everyday I'm shuffling
The parties are amazing, especially the House of Blues event. If you were to put a price tag on that event alone, it would be in the hundreds. Where else can you see the likes of Eva Simmons, Lady Gaga, Shaggy, 50 Cent , Kelly Rowland, Jason Durilo, Outasight, up close and personal, and for free.

Wet your DJ whistle
At the exhibit room you can hands on, test out equipment. If you have any questions about a product, the company professionals are on hand to give you a straight answer.

The exhibit room is also a place where youíll get to see some awesome DJs doing their thing. Rane has the Vinyl DJs doing some incredible stuff. Every once in a while an attendee, not a showcase DJ, will get on the decks and surprise everyone with their incredible skills. Thatís what makes the exhibit room so exciting. Some of it is planned out, but allot is dynamic and happens by pure spontaneity.

Companies like IDJNOW and American DJ team up together to offer great deals and the opportunity to purchase just released products. IDJNOW and American DJ also hold demonstrations on their lighting. If any company takes full advantage of the exhibit room itís IDJNOW and American DJ, they do it right. More on American DJ later.

The exhibit room also features some very talented DJs. Rane has a few vinyl setup stations and youíll find featured DJs going back and forth showing off their scratching skills and trying to outdo each other. Every once in a while an attendee, not a showcase DJ, will get on the decks and surprise everyone with their skills. Thatís what makes the exhibit room so exciting. Some of it is planned out, but allot is dynamic and happens by pure spontaneity.

Oh DJ EXPO you, you got what I need
If youíre into legendary artist youíll definitely see some at the shows, but this year Denon DJ gave fans of Hip Hop a huge treat by featuring Biz Markie at their exhibit room booth.

Location, location, location
There probably isnít a better place to hold the DJ EXPO in Atlantic City than the Taj Mahal. Compared to previous locations everything here is self-contained, thatís if you stay at the Taj itself and thereís absolutely no reason not to. The rooms have recently been completely renovated. They are slightly lavish, roomy, and extremely comfortable.

While other hotels or convention centers may see the DJ EXPO and its attendees as an annoyance , the Taj seems to truly welcome Expo attendees. Unlike previous locations you never feel like an outsider.

The special DJ EXPO rate of around $150 per night (after taxes) is a huge bargain over the usual average nightly rate. You could save a couple of dollars staying elsewhere however the convenience of staying at the Taj more than pays for itself. The way to save money on the hotel stay is to get together with your fellow DJ friends and share the expense. This is something you should already be planning for the 2013 DJ EXPO.

We are one
The gathering of DJs in one location can only be described as an intellectual and spiritual gathering. Thereís something majestic about being around other DJs who like you have a love and passion for DJing.

Many who have attended year after year say going itís an annual rejuvenator. It reminds them to be aware of new technology while staying focused on the basic things which allow them to achieve success and remain profitable. For those attending for the first time itís an eye opener on how to truly run a business.

Take out your books and turn to page 1
Many DJs focus most of their energy on the advancement of DJ technology. What they tend to forget is that DJing should not only be a passion but also a profession which should lead to a profitable career. What better way to make a living then doing what you love to do. The classes focus on doing just that and evolve year after year.

Having sex on Youtube isn't the same
You can learn about DJ equipment, how to set things up, and much more on Youtube however what you experience at the DJ EXPO cannot be captured on video or put into words.

Think about one of the most joyful experiences of your life. Now imagine if you werenít there but only viewed it on Youtube or read about. Would it be the same? No way! The same is true about the real life experience of attending the DJ EXPO Ė nothing can substitute it.

Journey to the mecca
We understand, not everyone can afford to go to the DJ EXPO. This is especially true if you live far from Atlantic City. However, if you live within reach of the DJ EXPO you should at least go for one day and experience the Exhibit Room. If you register before a certain date you will receive a free Exhibit Room pass

If you can you should also plan to stay at least one night at the Taj Mahal. This will allow you to easily enjoy the House of Blues event which ends around 2am.

You should easily be able to convince a few friends, even if they arenít DJs, to chip in for a room by luring them in with the DJ EXPO House of Blues event. They will need to register for a free exhibit room pass for free entry.

Once you experience one day in the Exhibit room, and one night at the DJ EXPO House of Blue event, we are more than sure you will definitely come back the following year, stay more days, and attend some classes/ seminars.

Last updated 10/05/2012. Photos and video will be added shortly.

Check out who performed at the 2012 DJ EXPO House of Blues event.

House of Blues show artist lineup DJ Expo 2012 free imixmag

American DJ Customer-Appreciation Party at the 2012 DJ EXPO
DJ Expo 2012 atlantic city win free imixmag

imixmag is a big fan of American DJ products and love the way they interact with DJs and customers through social media. We also have to give them big props on how well they treat their customers and at the 2012 DJ EXPO they will be treating DJs to a different type of treat; this time the treat will be in the form of free Pizza, salad, garlic bread, veggies and soda. Seating will be available for one thousand and open to all with a 2012 DJ EXPO badge.

While youíre eating for free the one and only Sparky B will be emceeing and giving out some really cool prizes. Former DMC champion DJ Etonik will be on hand to provide some cool background music on the all new American Audio VMS4.1 Digital Work Station.

Itís all taking place on Tuesday August 14, 6 to 8pm at the Tajís Grand Ballroom. Itís open to all with a 2012 DJ EXPO badge. Food will be available on a first come first served last donít get crap basis.

See you at the PizzaFest and save a slice for us.

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