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DJ Expo 2011 imixmag
DJ Expo 2011 imixmag

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The turnout.

Without a doubt this was one of the biggest crowd in years. There were also many younger attendees than in previous years; a good sign that young DJs are taking the profession seriously.

Mac versus Windows?

Forget it, almost every DJ performing had a Macbook Pro and even the attendees were waiting on line to check out the Mac set ups over the Windows based ones; thatís if they were working at all.

DJ Software?

Just reporting the facts here, Serato Scratch Live was the software of choice for most performing DJs.

And the DJ shows?

There were plenty of good DJs on hand but some of the largest exhibits seem to dwell on the video DJ. Video DJing is cool but many of the sets are pre-programmed and to tell you the truth after a while most people had the ďyeah we get itĒ look on their faces. It's all good for Youtube and all, but nothing beats a DJ with the ability to create on the spot with their real down to earth raw skills. Nuff said on that.
Our choice of the best DJ at the 2011 DJ EXPO exhibit room is DJ Chopps. See info and video below this section.

What were the draws in the exhibit room?

Controllers, controllers, controllers. For years DJs have been waiting for a professional all in one digital controller and this year controllers seem to be closer to that reality. The two biggest draws came from the Pioneer DDJ-S1 / T1, and the Numark NS6. In few weeks weíll have a NS6 versus Pioneer DDJ-S1 video.

The second biggest draw in the exhibit room were lights which were by far the most purchased items. Everyone was swarming around the light booths and for good reason, the deals were amazing. American DJ put on one hell of a show and their Elation division gave the exhibit room the Hollywood look. Donít fret Chauvet fans, Chauvet also had deals flying out the door. UniqueSquared was not selling anything on site but did give out a nice discount card for their website; we plan on using ours so no you canít have it.

It's cool to be UniqueSquared.

Speaking on UniqueSquared, they had their Mobile Studio bus on hand, and a thing of beauty it is. They offered guided tours on the bus and were very hospitable. We have video of the tour but have decided not to post it in on Youtube; we really think this is something you should experience live. We also believe since its UniqueSquared's baby, itís up to them to give us the okay to post the bus tour video-much respect.

What a freaking show!!!

The House of Blues event is something everyone looks forward to. Where else can you see such a showcase of talent for free? If you havenít done so check out our video collage of the show; the video speaks for itself.

What did the attendees think?

Questioned many attendees and they all said the same thing, they were extremely satisfied with seminars/classes. The majority of them couldnít wait to go back and put to practice what they learned. Didnít have to ask them about the deals at the exhibit room, their purchases said it all. The Expo is what you make of it and from my discussions most were very pleased with the Expo and were sure to return next year.

Thatís a quick rundown of some of this yearís DJ EXPO highlights. The Expo is held around this time every year and an announcement of next yearís date should be coming soon. We will post it on our website as soon as itís announced. If possible try to make it, it will be an experience you will never forgets and always treasure.

Like us on facebook, itís the best way to keep up to date on all the latest DJ news. Until next time be safe and remember, DJs Make it Happen, peace.

Check out the crazy smoke machine and crazy bird going off with Pioneerís DVDJ Unique.

DJ CHOPPS is imixmag's choice for BEST DJ in the 2011 DJ EXPO Exhibit Room.

DJ EXPO 2011 best DJ imixamg Youíve seen it before, thereís a contest, and one group or person clearly is the best performer. But at the end of it all the winner is someone who clearly wasnít deserving. Our choice of BEST EXHIBIT ROOM DJ leaves the usual politics and the bullshit out the door and only comes down to raw skill which is exactly what everyone witnessed from DJ CHOPPS.

Check out a short clip and witness for yourself.

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DJ Expo 2010 collage.