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music charts imixmag
Charts updated 11/05/2014
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imixmag pop 2014 2015 top DJ Party charts
1 - Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora) - Iggy Azalea

2 - Fireball (feat. John Ryan) - Pitbull

3 - Anaconda - Nicki Minaj

4 - Jealous - Nick Jonas

5 - Beg For It (feat. Mo) - Iggy Azalea

6 - Fancy (feat. Charli XCX) - Iggy Azalea

7 - Bend Ova (feat. Tyga) - Lil Jon

8 - GDFR (feat. Sage the Gemini & Lookas) - Flo Rida

9 - All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor

10 - Rage the Night Away (feat. Waka Flocka Flame) - Steve Aoki

11 - Baby Don't Lie - Gwen Stefani

12 - Turn Down For What - DJ Snake & Lil Jon

13 - Chandelier - Sia

14 - Delirious (Boneless) [feat. Kid Ink] - Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo

15 - F**k Love - Iggy Azalea

imixmag hip hop charts 2014
1 - Don't Panic - French Montana

2 - 0 To 100 / The Catch Up - Drake

3 - We Dem Boyz - Wiz Khalifa

4 - Trophies (feat. Drake) - Young Money

5 - Hot Boy - Bobby Shmurda

6 - Work - A$AP Ferg

7 - Bricks (feat. Migos) - Carnage

8 - Only (feat. Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown) - Nicki Minaj

9 - Give It to Me - Ces Cru

10 - We Go Wherever We Want - French Montana

11 - You Can’'t Stop Me - Andy Mineo

12 - All I Have - NF

13 - Power Moves (feat. Waka Flocka Flame) - Frenchie

14 - Blockbuster Night, Pt. 2 (feat. Despot & Wiki) [Bonus Track] - Run The Jewels

15 - I Mean It Remix (feat. Rick Ross & Remo) - G-Eazy

imixmag R&B 2014 Top Ten chart charts music new releases
1 - Talk Dirty (feat. 2 Chainz) - Jason Derulo

2 - Loyal (West Coast Version) [feat. Lil Wayne & Too $hort] - Chris Brown

3 - Loyal (East Coast Version) [feat. Lil Wayne & French Montana] - Chris Brown

4 - Wiggle (feat. Snoop Dogg) - Jason Derulo

5 - Good Kisser - Usher

6 - Nothing (feat. Eric Bellinger) - Mase

7 - Jealous - Nick Jonas

8 - Don't Tell 'Em (feat. YG) - Jeremih

9 - New Flame (feat. Usher & Rick Ross) - Chris Brown

10 - Hold On, We're Going Home (feat. Majid Jordan) - Drake

11 - Paranoid (feat. B.o.B) - Ty Dolla $ign

12 - Lemonade (feat. Tyga) - Danity Kane

13 - Drunk In Love (feat. Jay Z) - Beyoncé

14 - It Won't Stop (feat. Chris Brown) - Sevyn Streeter

15 - Change Your Mind - Trey Songz

imixmag reggae charts 2014
1 - Touch You - Da'Ville & Bunji Garlin

2 - Rasta Imposter Remix (feat. Tarrus Riley, Sizzla, Darrio & Wrath Riley) - Konshens

3 - Plead My Cause - Monty G

4 - Bike Back - Vybz Kartel

5 - Open Up (very dirty get clean version) - Vybz Kartel

6 - Work - Lil Rick

7 - Rave Out (feat. Busy Signal) - Skinny Fabulous

8 - Right Now (feat. Stylish) [Clean] - Vybz Kartel

9 - Roll It Gyal (Remix) - Allison Hinds (Soca mix) [Soca mix] - DJ Master K

10 - Badmind Cyah Stop We - Aidonia

imixmag dance charts 2014 best top 10 ten
(Dance, House, Dubstep, etc. 99% of these songs are available on itunes)

1 - Go Insane - Gu Brian

2 - Another Sleepless Night - Jasper Forks

3 - Red Lights - Tiesto

4 - The Real Thing Bitch - Peter Rauhofer

5 - Unspoiled Perfection (feat. Madeleine Jayne & Adrian Delgado) - Deorro

6 - Odeon - Chrizz Luvly

7 - Finally (Rework) [feat. Tesz Millan] - Tune Brothers

8 - Kick It - Yaxkin Retrodisko

9 - Drop Those Bombs - Chrizz Luvly

10 - Take Me Home (feat. Bebe Rexha ) - Cash Cash

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best party music of all time imixmag 2014

best classics music party 2014 imixmag

Charts only contain music available on itunes, Amazon, or other legal sites (except for the retro section).
More charts coming soon

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organizing your DJ cables imixmag

USB, RCA, DMX, XLR, power adapters and the list goes on. Keeping your wires and cables organized will make your DJ life much easier.

Here’s a video on how to get all those cables in check.

Nuamrk NS7 II 2 review imixmag
(photo only shows the left deck of the NS7 II)

Those who use the Numark NS7 would never lower themselves to using NS6, reason being, motorized jog wheels. Those in NS7 nation feared the thought that Numark would abandon the motorized platters over the touch sensitive ones found on the NS6. But when Numark released the NS7 II, the sounds of relief and exaltation by the vast NS7 nation was heard throughout the world.

pioneer DJ CDJ 2000 nexus platinum review imixmag
So Pioneer DJ teases us before the NAMM show and when they finally unveil the product it’s just some already released product with a new paint job. Yes, of course they look beautiful. But is a paint job enough to make you want to go out and purchase a product which was already available?

These shiny babies are a limited edition and will only be available to those with enough shiny coin to afford the heavy price tag.

I’m quite curious to how many economically endowed DJs will be ready to fork it over, but if you got the need for shine and the mula to spare, then Pioneer DJ has a paint job for you

DJay for the Mac is getting serious and is
Pioneer DDJ Ergo ready

Serato DJ price free imixmag

If you’re thinking there’s no way a penny under twenty dollar DJ Software could be any good you’d be dead wrong. This extremely stable $19.99 Mac only DJ software can easily be purchased and downloaded from the Apple App store and offers more features than Serato’s DJ Intro.

And don’t allow the simple looking layout fool you. DJay offers many of the features you’d expect from more expensive programs at an unbelievably inexpensive price; even more, all the functions on the ever so popular Pioneer DDJ ERGO work seamlessly with the software and we aren’t just relaying information, we tested it and it works great.

So if you’re a Mac users and have a Pioneer DJ make sure to try out DJay. It might be the best under twenty dollar DJ software purchase you’ve ever made.

DJay features:
Record your performance
itunes integration
Automix your party
and more…

Visit the official DJay website and get all the great details.

djworx virtual dj 8 video update 2012 2013

DJWORX, the boys overseas, have an exclusive Virtual DJ 8 video update. Hit the image above to take you to the video.

Time to get your education on
mobile dj busines how to start get into

Our Mobile DJ University is beginning to take shape. So regardless of whether you're just starting out in the Mobile DJ business or have been in it for a while, this page will be definately be a good source of information. Classes are conducted here on our Mobile DJ University page.

DJs of the World imixmag lady gaga

Pioneer DDJ SX2 review DJ Controllers

Serato DJ 1.6 Rane firmware update SL3

If you have the Rane Sixty-Two you may want to hold on to upgrading its firmware. Once you update the firmware on the Rane Sixty-Two it will no longer be backwards compatible with Serato Scratch Live. Yes, a scary proposition.

Here's the page link for the information regarding the firmware update with these devices.

audio problems ns6 serato dj mac fix imixmag

If you have the NS6 and tried it with Serato DJ on a Mac, consider yourself lucky if you aren’t experiencing audio problems. While we don’t have a solution we do have a band-aid fix which should improve your audio quality. Check out the video and see if it works for you.

DJ Controller with pads best imixmag

A pad pad here and a pad pad there, here a pad there a pad everywhere a pad pad. Yes, 2013 is definitely the year of pads on DJ Controllers. So much is the case that if you look at a new DJ Controller release which doesn’t have pads the one word which comes to mind is, OLD. Numark has gone as far as putting pads on their whole new DJ Controller line. Yes my friends, it’s a pademic. Be prepared for the weird looks when you pull out your old DJ Controller without pads and people stare you down as if you just lip sang at the Presidential inauguration. So do yourself a favor and get your pad on before the new trend mongers rip you apart.

sync function DJ imixmag

Are you really a DJ if you use the SYNC button to mix your music? This question always brings on a heated debate between those who do and those who don’t. And like all discussions the answer usually lands somewhere in the middle, which is exactly where this one lands, dead smack in the middle. So instead of looking at the negatives of both arguments, let’s focus on the positives and see how they can enhance your DJing.

Using SYNC
The Sync feature is function within your DJ software which automatically beat matches one deck to others and can be used to increase the creativity of your mixes. This is especially true of four track DJ controllers where you can have a mix going, hit the SYNC button and throw in a loop or another mix and keep building on. You can also have a mix already going, put it in SYNC and concentrate on the exiting the mix in a dramatic fashion with either an echo, delay, roll out loop, or a combination of some or all the functions available in your software and hardware arsenal.

In essence syncing frees you to use all the features available at your disposal and will definitely add more dynamics to your DJ set.

By ear
If you can dance or carry a rhythm, you can mix by ear and learning how to do so isn’t that difficult. What’s great about being able to do it by ear is how you’ll have the skill to listen to a song and without hesitation know what songs go with it. This is a very important component to DJing and is almost necessary in advancing to the remix and production world. So having the ear to mix allows your mind to come up with scenarios in your set which aren’t restricted to selecting tracks which you choose based on the BPM numbers your DJ software formulates.

Use it all to become a better you
Using the SYNC and other available features doesn’t make you less of a DJ, they enhance the possibility of making you more. They allow you to be a composer of music with all the technological advancement and gives you the tools and creative freedom to redefine what a modern DJ is and the endless possibilities of what a future DJ can be.
Pioneer DJ will be the first to release a Controller designed specifically for Serato DJ. The Pioneer DDJ-SX will coincide with the release of Serato DJ in November. The rumored price is $1,199 U.S. dollars and given all the features it offers Pioneer seems to be going after the market it lost to the Numark NS6 and NS7. It even has the same metallic look of the NS6. Never thought Pioneer DJ would emulate a Numark design; my how things have changed. Regardless, the DDJ-SX is the most impressive looking feature packed DJ controller released by Pioneer DJ. Pioneer doesn’t need to produce those fake DJ videos to promote this unit, this bad boy is feature packed and will sell itself.

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